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  • What is the CVSA®II and how is it different from the CVSA®?

The CVSA®II is the “next-generation” of the software-based CVSA®.  The original CVSA® was an analog instrument, which was sold by the NITV® from 1988 – 1997.  The first software-based version of the CVSA® was introduced in 1997.  The CVSA®II, which was released in January 2007, is based upon the technological achievements of the NITV®.  The differences between the CVSA® and CVSA®II include:  the addition of the FACT™ Scoring System, the simplification of examiner-interfaces which reduce the time required to conduct examinations, and the capability to record live and telephonic examinations directly to the system’s hard drive.


  • What is FACT™?

FACT™ is an acronym which stands for Final Analysis Confirmation Tool™.  It is the result of extensive research and development, and thousands of hours of laboratory and field testing.  The FACT™ Scoring System uses advanced mathematical algorithms and a built-in “learning” feature to recognize, evaluate, categorize and quantify the output graphs from the CVSA®II.  Extensive testing and validation trials of the first-generation FACT™ have demonstrated an accuracy rate consistently exceeding 96%, with a false-positive rate of less than 0.7%.  The NFS re-invests a large portion of its budget into research and development to ensure our products remain on the leading-edge of truth verification technology.  Our commitment to Excellence in Technology, Training and Service ensures our clientele will keep abreast of technological developments in the Truth Verification industry, now and in the future.


  • Will there be new versions of the CVSA®II available in the future?

Yes, in fact the NFS® is constantly working to improve the CVSA®II.  In the future, as new technical and innovative developments are made to the CVSA®II, they will be offered to our clients as free upgrades. 


  • Does the CVSA® II have a warranty?

Yes, the NFS® offers an unlimited warranty and unlimited support for all our software products.  Additionally, we work closely with our business partners and suppliers to ensure that warranties for hardware platforms which house the CVSA®II software exceed industry standards.  For instance, all of our Dell-based products offer a  4-year on-site warranty, accident protection and 24-hour support.


  • How many organizations use the CVSA®?

As of 2013, NFS has approximately 2,000 local, state, federal and International law enforcement/security agencies using its CVSA® products.  Additionally, the NFS has trained hundreds of US Military personnel.  The CVSA® is currently being used under combat-conditions in military theaters worldwide.  Further, the numbers of private CVSA® examiners are growing weekly.

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