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CVSA Training Featured on Television

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NITV Federal Services (NFS) is pleased to welcome Detective Jerry Crotty as its Director of Law Enforcement Operations. Jerry will oversee all aspects of law enforcement operations for NFS and provide direct advice and assistance to law enforcement agencies worldwide, as well as oversee our Technical Services Division.

Jerry joins the NSF team from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida where he served for 20 years in various positions, including supervisory positions in such specialized disciplines as Crimes Against Children, Domestic Violence and Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC).  While assigned to the State and Federal ICAC Task Force, Jerry developed ground-breaking techniques for using the CVSA® to identify and bring to justice serial child predators, which are now taught nationally.  These techniques were so significant and effective that in 2015 he received the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts (NACVSA) annual Professor James L. Chapman Award for Excellence.  Jerry is considered an expert in interviewing and interrogation and has a confession rate well above 95%.  He is also an expert utilizing the CVSA and is highly experienced in conducting specialized covert and structured examinations.  Jerry holds a Master’s Degree in Science from the University of Central Florida.

Charles Humble, Founder of NITV Federal Services and the developer of the CVSA, states “We are very excited to have an individual with the qualifications and strong moral character of Jerry Crotty joining our team.  With his law enforcement background, especially in the ICAC arena, Jerry will bring a new dimension to an organization that is already recognized as the Gold Standard for our industry.”

Sixth Annual (2017) Professor James L. Chapman Award for Excellence

The sixth annual (2017) Professor James L. Chapman Award for Excellence was presented to CVSA Examiner Billy Cox of Chula Vista, California during the 2018 AEC.  After more than 30 years of military, federal, and municipal law enforcement experience, Billy retired from the Chula Vista Police Department (California) in 2007.  Billy has conducted over 2,500 CVSA examinations, including both criminal and pre-employment examinations.  Billy is now an owner of Truth Services, LLC, which provides CVSA-related services throughout the state of California.  Billy has been a long-term supporter of the CVSA Community and has generously contributed thousands-of-hours to the NACVSA, to include writing guidance for CVSA Examiners, contributing his wise counsel to the profession, and training CVSA Examiners from across the USA.  Billy is one of the founders of the NACVSA, which he continues to serve and diligently support.  Our congratulations are offered to Billy Cox for a job well done!

CVSA Featured on National Television Show

The CVSA was recently featured on the daily television show “Crime Watch Daily”.  The episode featuring the CVSA aired on 12 May 2016, and told the story of the gruesome murder of Tim Johnson of Eaton, Ohio, who was murdered by his stepsister and her boyfriend.  The case was investigated by the Preble County Sherriff’s Office. Investigators credit the CVSA for providing crucial information that helped solve the case, stating that if it had not been for the CVSA the suspects would have “gotten away with murder.”  To view the Crime Watch Daily episode featuring the CVSA click here.

Fifth Annual (2016) Professor James L. Chapman Award for Excellence

The fifth annual (2016) Professor James L. Chapman Award for Excellence was presented to Investigator Mike DeFrancisco of the Columbus Division of Fire, Fire and Explosive Investigations Unit (OH) during the 2017 AEC. Mike Defrancisco has contributed immensely to the CVSA community by applying the CVSA to arson and explosive cases, which have less than a 5% solve rate nationwide.  Through strategic use of the CVSA in his investigations, Mike has helped his unit exceed a 20% clearance rate for such investigations, which is four time greater than the national average.  In addition Mike has served as a board member and the Director for Region 1 of the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts (NACVSA) since its inception, and has contributed immensely to the professionalization of the NACVSA.  Our congratulations are offered to Investigator Mike DeFrancisco, his unit, and agency for a job well done!

  • Details of the 2017 Advanced Examiner Professional Development & Continuing Education Conference have been announced.
  • The fourth annual Professor James L. Chapman Award for Excellence was presented to Detective Jerry Crotty of the Manatee County (FL) Sheriff’s Office during the 2016 AEC. Detective Crotty is a member of the federally-funded Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force for Central Florida, and he developed innovative techniques for using the CVSA to conduct truth verification examinations of suspected sexual abusers of children arrested by the Central Florida ICAC Task Force.  Of major significance is the confession rate by the arrestees for unknown past sexual crimes against children, which went from zero (0%) to over 90% once the CVSA was employed as part of the investigative strategy.  The subsequent conviction rate for these offenders has been an astounding 100%! Our congratulations are offered to Det. Crotty, his agency and the ICAC Task Force for a job well done!