The Columbus P.D. (OH) Kansas City P.D. (MO) and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Join the Ranks of CVSA Users - NITV Federal Services | The manufacturer of the 'Computer Voice Stress Analyzer' - CVSA

For many years the states of Ohio (204 LE CVSA users), Missouri (192) and California (197) were among the states with the largest numbers of law enforcement agencies utilizing the CVSA.  It is not surprising that these forward thinking agencies have now acquired the CVSA and moved into twenty-first century technology with the deployment of the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer.

They join with other large law enforcement agencies such as the California Highway Patrol (32 CVSA’s), Nashville P.D. (19 CVSA’s), New Orleans P.D. (20 CVSA’s), Atlanta P.D. (13 CVSA’s) and the U.S. Federal Courts (11 CVSA’s).  In the case of the California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), due to the tremendous success of the CVSA at the California Highway Patrol over the past 17 years, the CDCR has staffed their entire agency with 35 CVSA’s utilizing the system for both background screening and criminal investigations.