Visit Our New Website - NITV Federal Services | The manufacturer of the 'Computer Voice Stress Analyzer' - CVSA

If you have not done so recently, please visit our updated website at  The updated site is loaded with new resources for examiners to use, especially the ‘Science’ tab.  If you have ever run across a polygraph examiner, either within your department or outside, making statements that there is no science behind CVSA, or the CVSA is as accurate as a coin flip, the Science section will quickly dispel such polygraph-generated myths. The research is extensive and compelling concerning the validity and accuracy of the CVSA.

Also visit our new ‘Blog’ section where you will find many fascinating articles about the various applications of the CVSA.  Some are based on real cases reported from the field.  The ‘Training’ section will soon list all classes for the entire year of 2018 for those who really like to plan ahead.  Two other areas of interest to visit would be the ‘Resources’ area and ‘Visit Us’ area.  The ‘Resources’ area provides a wealth of information for examiners to use and the ‘Visit Us’ tab takes you to an invitation to visit our corporate headquarters in West Palm Beach, FL.