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If you haven’t already decided on your second career, you should consider utilizing the skills that you have developed as a CVSA examiner.  Quite a few CVSA examiners have retired from their agencies and started businesses providing truth verification services for local law enforcement that do not have their own CVSA’s for both pre-employment and criminal exams.  Additionally, CVSA services can be offered to some types of private businesses (the EPPA limits what businesses can utilize truth verification services), as well as insurance companies, defense attorneys, and government agencies (government agencies are exempt from the EPPA).  There is also a growing demand for qualified CVSA examiners to conduct Sex Offender Monitoring examinations for parole and probation agencies and the court systems across the US.

Since it takes less than ½ of the time to conduct a CVSA exam as it does a polygraph exam, offering CVSA exams at ½ the price of a polygraph would naturally attract current customers that utilize the polygraph.  This is especially true now that the CVSA is the most widely utilized truth verification tool in the US law enforcement community.  It is also a fact that the CVSA is preferred because there are no ‘inconclusive’ results. Most polygraph clients are still required to pay for polygraph exams even though 20-25% are ‘inconclusive’.

Billy Cox (retired- Chula Vista, CA P.D.), Management Director for the NACVSA, will be lecturing on CVSA Program Management for Law Enforcement and will also lecture on The Opportunities of Starting a Private CVSA Business at the Continuing Education/Advanced Examiners Course in Orlando, FL, Jan. 8-12, 2018.  Billy Cox, along with Harry Bennigson (retired- Vallejo, CA P.D.), Membership Chairman for the NACVSA, currently run one of the most successful truth verification businesses in the U.S.

The booklet entitled Starting and Managing a Successful Truth Verification Business, written by NITV FS founder Dr. Charles Humble, will be available at no charge for those that are interested.  Prior to developing the CVSA and starting NITV FS, Dr. Humble built one of the most successful truth verification businesses in the Midwest.  The booklet is a detailed step-by-step manual of how to both start and manage a successful truth verification business.  Included are sections on:

  • Assessing the Possibility of a Truth Verification Business in Your Area
  • Equipment & Training
  • Location and Setup of an Office
  • Marketing Your Services
  • Expanding Your Business