Groveport P.D., Groveport OH.  The Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA®) continues to dominate the truth verification market as agencies such as the Groveport Police Department abandon outdated and far less accurate technologies in favor of the patented and more technologically advanced CVSA II.  The NITV’s Trade-In Program allows departments, such as Groveport, that are not satisfied with older or less technologically advanced truth verification systems to acquire the new CVSA II at a significant discount.

The Groveport Chief of Police stated, “I appreciate the NITV’s willingness to work with the Village of Groveport and the Groveport Police Department.  After my experience with the PSE and its owner, I am confident that the CVSA will better assist the Detective Bureau in doing their job better for the residents and businesses of our community.”

Following graduation from the NITV’s world-renowned Certified Examiners Course, Detective Delbert Dalton of the Groveport P.D. wrote to the NITV, “Having had an experience going through PSE training with DEKTOR, NITV as well as its instructors are head and shoulders above.  The technology is up-to-date, with 1st class, knowledgeable instructors, and ultimate professionalism company-wide.  A very pleasing experience…  Thank you!”

For additional details, Detective Dalton can be contacted by telephone at 614-836-5301.

Since the introduction of the CVSA II, with the patented Final Analysis Confirmation Tool®(FACT®) scoring algorithm in 2007, the NITV has added over 500 new law enforcement agencies to its list of US clients.  This brings the total number of US agencies utilizing the CVSA to over 1,800, including many US Federal agencies as well as the US Military.  The accuracy of the CVSA II, along with its ease of operation, the NITV’s superior training, and around-the-clock support by the NITV staff, has ensured NITV’s continued worldwide leadership and dominance in the field of Truth Verification.

Recently, technical experts from the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts (NACVSA) conducted a professional evaluation of the old PSE.  The NACVSA is now the largest professional truth verification organization in the world, with well over 1,000 members, and has more members than all other US truth verification organizations combined.  To view the results of the NACVSA’s technical evaluation of the old PSE, click here.