US Special Forces Use CVSA in Combat Zones-Take Down Bad Guys


As described in the book ‘The Clapper Memo’ by investigative journalist Bob McCarty, US Special Forces deployed the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) with Special Forces teams throughout Iraq and Afghanistan.  In the book, SFC Joe (real name withheld) describes one of the many missions where he used the CVSA, identified an infiltrator, and gained actionable intelligence that saved American and Iraqi soldiers’ lives.

“We were getting ready to hit a target,” Joe said.  “It was a time-sensitive target.”  Joe explained that two Iraqi brothers were playing key roles in the operation.  One was with Joe and his men and one was on the target with the bad guys and reporting back with their location the exact time the meeting was to take place.  The call came in that the meeting was to take place in 1 hr.   As we were heading out with our Iraqi counterparts, another call came in from the brother, “They know you are coming!  They are hauling ass right now.”

The only people that knew and could possibly tip the target were our 96 Iraqi counterparts.  All 96 were locked down and Joe and his crew CVSA’d every one of them asking if they had attended the briefing or made any phone calls.  “Only 3 people couldn’t clear the charts,” Joe said, “It was the lieutenant colonel, the sergeant major, and his driver.”  The only reason the driver was snared, Joe said, was because once the target was called (announced), nobody was supposed to have a cell phone.  “The colonel told the sergeant major to call the people on the target and tell them we were coming,” Joe explained.  “The sergeant major told the driver to go get his cell phone and bring it to him.  The driver didn’t know what he was using it for.

“Basically, we took a 96-man pool, narrowed it down to three individuals, and then confirmed… the results of the CVSA were correct by breaking those guys in interrogation afterward.”



***NITV Federal Services is the sole source of the CVSA***

The CVSA is sold only to Law Enforcement/Government Agencies