The CVSA® is sold only to law enforcement/government agencies. The CVSA® is now used by the US Military and nearly 3,000 US law enforcement agencies including the Illinois State Police (since 2019 - 11 CVSA's), Atlanta P.D. (2003 - 13 CVSA's), California Dept. of Justice, California Highway Patrol (1999 - 32 CVSA's), California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) (2017 - 58 CVSA's), Nashville P.D. (2004 - 26 CVSA's), New Orleans P.D. (1996 - 29 CVSA's), Nevada Attorney General's Office (2011 - 6 CVSA's), Hawaii Department of Public Safety (2005 - 8 CVSA's), Kansas City P.D. (2018 - 5 CVSA's), Arkansas Attorney General's Office (2015), Salt Lake City P.D. (2006 - 5 CVSA's), Florida Division of Investigative and Forensic Services (2003 - 13 CVSA's), US Federal Court’s Division of Probation (2010 - 15 CVSA's) and ICAC Task Forces (2015 - 15 CVSA's) across the U.S… Most of the nearly 3,000 LE users have discontinued the polygraph... The CVSA® is the only patented voice stress analyzer in the world... CVSA® training is held weekly across the USA and Internationally... CVSA® is used by U.S. Federal, State and Local Agencies... CVSA® technical support is free and unlimited for all clients... The CVSA® is the most accurate truth verification technology worldwide... Contact us today for details...

Another successful ICAC CVSA!

Traveler said it was his first time and that he never went ‘hands-on’ with a kid. Deception on first-time denial of hands-on with a child questions.
Using specialized interviewing techniques taught by NITV FS and my training, the suspect admitted to hands-on with at least 10 children!!! Was such a great feeling to get this guy off the street. Also, this was an assist to the FBI and agents involved saw first hand the benefit of the CVSA. – Allan – ICAC Examiner

Due to the superiority of the CVSA® III and the excellent support provided by NITV FS, the Florida Department of Corrections Internal Affairs Unit has traded-in their 10 Vipre VSA’s and purchased 10 CVSA® III’s and trained 20 investigators as CVSA® examiners.   The investigators for FL DoC stated they were very impressed with the NITV FS’s hands-on classroom training as compared to the online course they had to take with the previous system.  NITV FS offers an excellent trade-in program to allow agencies to acquire the ‘Gold Standard’ in both instrumentation and training.
“Excellent, highly professional and relevant training that has direct application to our mission requirements. This system has been invaluable in Iraq and Afghanistan for Special Forces missions. I highly recommend that all US Special Operations units be provided with the CVSA to evaluate intelligence sources. Additionally, NITV’s interview and interrogation techniques were found to be highly effective in obtaining information from suspects and intelligence sources.”


“The training for the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer was by far, the most comprehensive training that I have attended during my 18 years in law enforcement. The Defense Barrier Removal Technique along with the CVSA has proven invaluable in obtaining confessions and truth verifications.”


The largest State Police agency in the US, the California Highway Patrol (CHP), has used the CVSA since 2001 (32 CVSA’s).  The 3rd largest law enforcement agency in the US, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has used the CVSA since 2017 (51 CVSA’s).  Isn’t it time your agency acquired what every user calls “One of the most important investigative tools available today.”?
“Since receiving our CVSA in January 2007, we have cleared more cases this year than any other year since our records have been kept.”


Expert CVSA® Training Courses

Our commitment to Excellence in Technology, Training, and Service ensures our clientele will keep abreast of technological developments in the Truth Verification industry, now and in the future. Register for training from industry professionals today.

Computer Voice Stress Analyzer®

In use by approximately 2,800 local, state, federal and international agencies, as well as by US Military Special Operations and Intelligence units, our patented Computer Voice Stress Analyzer is non-invasive, easy to learn, quick to use, cost-effective, and very accurate.

Truth Verification Vendor Questions

There are many different types of truth verification systems on the market from ‘free’ to extremely expensive systems.  Answers to these questions will assist your in making an informed decision.



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