Discover The Truth
Advanced Interview/Interrogation Course

Let’s face it, everyone lies – from someone trying to protect their image to someone who is a suspect in a homicide, most individuals will lie whether they want to or not. If they think they can pull one over, they will.

Currently, over 3,000 law enforcement agencies utilize our basic Defense Barrier Removal® Interviewing and Interrogation training. This Advanced Interview/Interrogation Course was designed to apply proven and effective kinesics/behavioral and other interview/interrogation techniques to arm the student with the tools to identify, decode and overcome deception as well as identify truthful subjects in any setting.

This course was designed to provide advanced skills to identify who is being truthful and who is not. This is not your normal interrogation class. The information provided is based on techniques that have been peer reviewed and published and will allow the student the ability to overcome denials and obtain the truth.

This course will cover everything from the evolution of lying to the early and current methods used to detect deception to the many tools necessary to get to the truth. We will show you the easiest methods possible to walk the person you’re trying to discover the truth from down a truthful path.

Additionally, the psychological aspects of communication and the effects it has on deceptive individuals as well as truthful individuals and how to differentiate between their responses will be covered. From analyzing a written statement for truthfulness to sitting across from someone who is trying to deceive you, this class will give you the tools and the responses to convince the person that telling the truth is easier than holding on to the lie.

This course is designed to educate anyone in law enforcement, corrections, or support roles where the truth must be discovered.

The following major topics are included:

  • The evolution of lying and lie detection
  • The psychological aspects of truth versus lie
  • Visual and auditory blindness and why it matters
  • Setting up the interview room for success
  • Building a proper rapport
  • Body language interpretation
  • Written and verbal statement analysis
  • The study of proxemics
  • Emotion-based interview
  • Storytelling and how it helps gain their trust
  • Paralanguage
  • Paralinguistic communication
  • Theme building and minimization tactics
  • Gestures, micro expressions, macro expressions, and hot spot detection
  • Body language for the patrol officer that can save your life
  • Hours of hands-on training and in-class video analysis of real cases

To inquire about your agency hosting this Advanced Interrogation and Kinesics course, or to register for an upcoming Advanced Interrogation and Kinesics course, please call us at 561-798-6280.