AIS Reviews

The series of Analytical Interview System (AIS) training courses held across the US and Canada during 2009-2010 set a new standard in the field of Interview and Interrogation training. Without exception this course received the highest ratings from the local, state, federal and military professionals, as well as the international students who attended. The US Army AIS course held at Fort Bragg, NC, was a particular highlight for both the students and instructors – and provided US Army members with new skills and strategies for interviewing under a variety of unique conditions.

Based on the feedback received from our military and federal students a NEW 5-day AIS course has been created and is now approved by GSA. The skills taught during the AIS course can be used by any law enforcement, military or security professional – new or seasoned – and will dramatically improve their interviewing proficiency. Most of the comments received from those who attended AIS mentioned the new Comprehensive Statement Analysis and the Team Interviewing techniques as being among the highlights of the course.

These are just a few of the comments from our students concerning the advanced interview techniques taught only in the AIS Course:

“Excellent instructors, who were very knowledgeable and experienced in the field of interviewing and interrogation. I found the AIS course to be professionally valuable, and the methods and techniques taught in the course can be easily applied to my investigative duties. I found the AIS information and supporting materials pertaining to Body and Verbal Cues, Statement Analysis and Interview Planning to be very enlightening. AIS will definitely assist me in conducting more effective and comprehensive interviews and interrogations. I highly recommend the AIS Course to all law enforcement professionals.” – Detective/Sergeant Bernadina Trujillo, SMU Police Dept., Dallas, Texas

“I have been in law enforcement for about 24 years and have been fortunate enough to attend many interviewing and interrogation schools. This training program was by far the most intense, educating, and most useful school that I have attended.” – Det. Kent McAllister, Sex Crimes Section, Metropolitan Nashville Police Dept., Nashville, TN

“This course is very good as the information can be used by any officer in the agency. From the patrol officer on the street to the most experienced detective. Everyone will walk away from this course with something valuable. The AIS is a simple, easy to understand concept, very useful information.” – Investigator G.E. Betchan, Orange Co. Sheriff’s Office, Orlando, FL

“Excellent, highly professional and relevant training that has direct application to our mission requirements. This training has been invaluable in Iraq and Afghanistan for Special Forces missions. The AIS interview and interrogation techniques were found to be highly effective in obtaining information from suspects and intelligence sources.” – US Army Special Forces Intelligence NCO (name withheld to protect identity)

“The Analytical Interviewing System brings a fresh look at many of the commonly utilized interviewing practices known in law enforcement. The Team/Planned Interview format appears to be the future of successful investigations.” – Det. Joseph Aballa, Indian River Co. Sheriff’s Office, Vero Beach, FL

“Confessions are guaranteed to increase for anyone that utilizes the techniques learned in the Analytical Interviewing System course.” – Det. James Harrell, Polk Co. Sheriff’s Office, Lakeland, FL

“I have taken many training courses throughout my career in reference to Interviewing and Interrogation. I feel the Analytical Interviewing System will benefit me the most in my future endeavors as a detective.” -Det. Diane Kent, Polk Co. Sheriff’s Office, Lakeland, FL

“I have been to a number of classes on Interviewing and Interrogation, including John Reid, but none were as good as the (AIS) class. I have been an investigator for over 25 years and am sure that I have seen most of the good training out there. This is the best.” – Det/Lt. Darrell Flora, St. Clair Police Dept., St. Clair, MO

“I have taken numerous Interviewing and Interrogation courses. This is the most informative and practical course I have taken.” – Det. Martha Faul, Charlotte Co. Sheriff’s Office, Punta Gorda, FL

The AIS is an excellent training course and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their interrogation skills.” – Det. Chad McConchie, Polk Co. Sheriff’s Office, Lakeland, FL