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AIS Schedule

The Analytical Interview System (AIS) is a new and innovative approach for determining truthful or deceptive behaviors. By integrating the newly developed Team Interviewing process, Personality Profiling, Interview Planning, Advanced Kinesics, and the Defense Barrier Removal (DBR®) technique, the AIS is a cutting-edge and modern interview system that will dramatically increase confession and admission rates.

This is not the “same old stuff” that has been offered to law enforcement over the past 20 years. Those attending the AIS course will be armed with the latest techniques to ensure their success in a variety of field or office interview/interrogation situations. To enroll please complete the form below.

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2018 AIS Schedule

Month Class Dates Location City State
October Oct 23 - 25 Platte Co. Sheriff's Office Kansas City MO

To register for an upcoming course please email or call at (561) 798-6280. Please allow us 24 hours to process your request. You will be contacted via email when the registration process is completed. You will receive the confirmation email with course details.

To read about AIS course outline go to the AIS Training page.