Computer Voice Stress Analysis Training

Certified Examiners Course Description


History of Lie Detection and Voice Stress Analysis 1 Hr.
From its early beginnings to the state of the art today.

CVSA Instrumentation 6 Hrs.
The student learns this highly developed, user-friendly system to conduct perfect examinations.

Physiology 3 Hrs.
An in-depth overview of the body’s reaction to jeopardy. What the human body does to compensate for its inability to “fight” or “flight” and our ability to monitor those reactions.

Interviewing and Interrogation 13 Hrs.
Beginning with NITV FS’ Defense Barrier Removal®, following with Advanced Kinesics and ending with obtaining admissions, we provide advanced instruction in the art of interviewing and interrogation. For over 20 years, NITV FS’ Defense Barrier Removal® has proven to be particularly effective when conducting criminal and pre-employment interviews to obtain truthful statements, as well as obtaining admissions by military interviewers during cross-cultural interviews. Videos of known conclusion interviews and examinations are utilized as training aids.

Psychology 4 Hrs.
The psychological  aspects of question formulation and its bearing on the subject’s reaction, as well as an overview of psychological stimuli and how this results in the physiological responses detected by the CVSA.

CVSA Chart Interpretation 14 Hrs.
Learning from the established criteria for an indication of deception is not necessarily one of the easiest aspects of truth verification, but certainly the most critical.

Final Analysis Confirmation Tool Plus® (FACT Plus®) Scoring System 1 Hr.
After students have mastered Chart Interpretation, they will learn how to operate the FACT Plus® Scoring Systems – which makes the CVSA®III the next generation in the truth verification.

Test Construction and Question Formulation 6 Hrs.
From control questions to the Zone of Comparison format, students learn test application and construction.

Covert Interviewing and Analysis 4 Hrs.
One of the most useful functions of the CVSA®III; to include analysis of live recordings of CVSA examinations, as well as examinations conducted over the telephone.

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