The US Federal District Court for the Southern District of Florida granted NITV Federal Services (NFS) a Summary Judgement against the Dektor Corporation, a Pennsylvania business owned and run by Arthur Herring, that sells and provides training on a specific type of voice-type lie detection equipment, the PSE. NITV Federal Services sued both Dektor Corporation and Arthur Herring for False Advertising, Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices, Defamation/Business Disparagement, and Tortious Interference.  The suit alleged that for over 20 years Mr. Herring and Dektor had disparaged the company, its products, its owners and its employees and calculated damages to be 7 million dollars.  Over the twenty-year period Mr. Herring regularly told many potential customers of NFS that “If what I’m saying is not true, why don’t they sue me?”  In an attempt to avoid a personal judgement against him, Mr. Herring filed for personal bankruptcy the week prior to the judgement against Dektor.   NITV Federal Services has filed a motion with the bankruptcy court to lift the automatic stay on the action against Herring alleging that it was a fraudulent filing.