National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts

National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts (NACVSA) was created to offer training and representation to law enforcement professionals and others who utilize the CVSA to conduct truth verification examinations. There are a number of exciting benefits offered to the members of this association and we would like to introduce these benefits to you. Visit our website at

Re-Certification Training

After much study and feedback it was determined by the NACVSA that CVSA Examiners will be required to re-certify every two-years. This decision was made with the input and consultation of CVSA Examiners from across the USA. It is important to note only the NACVSA sanctions Re-certification training, which can only be conducted by current NITV Federal Services instructors. Only these Instructors are legally authorized to conduct the CVSA Training listed here.

It is also important to note NITV Federal Services is no longer associated, either directly or indirectly, with any other VSA organization, their affiliates, or their instructors. CVSA examiners who choose to take non-NACVSA approved VSA training through any other association, group, organization or individual will not be certified. Both the NACVSA and NITV Federal Services have had a number of complaints from examiners who attended non-NACVSA approved VSA training which they were falsely led to believe was recognized by both NITV Federal Services and NACVSA.  These examiners only learned at the end of the training this was not the case. CVSA Examiners should also keep in mind that only current NITV Federal Services instructors are permitted to teach the copyrighted CVSA course curriculum and to upgrade CVSA software during the training program.  BEWARE OF IMPOSTORS – make sure any VSA training you attend is certified and approved by the NACVSA.