Chief of Detectives/CVSA Analyst Chad Jeansonne was contacted by the local District Attorney’s Office and requested that he conduct a CVSA exam on a 27 year-old man that had been arrested for raping his son. The subject had convinced his family, defense attorney and many on the prosecutor’s staff that he was being wrongly accused. There was no physical evidence and the subject was about to be released on a judicial order. Chief Jeansonne conducted the CVSA exam and the subject displayed deception when asked if he raped his son. The subject was confronted with the results and he subsequently gave a full confession, astounding both the prosecutors as well as the defense. Chief Jeansonne states that without the CVSA, the subject would have been released and continued to prey upon children. Chief Jeansonne reports that his department continues to rely on the CVSA for both criminal cases as well as pre-employment screening and have found it to be extremely accurate in identifying the deceptive and exonerating the innocent.