Analyst/Det. Steve O’Camb reports that the upscale community was shocked when a woman was found brutally murdered in her home near Salt Lake City. There were no suspects, no motive, and police were left to screening those with access to the home. One such person was seen on a TV news program consoling and shaking hands with the victims husband. The individual turned out to be an 18 year-old next-door neighbor. He was not considered a suspect but because he lived in close proximity to the victim’s house, he was asked to take a CVSA exam. In Det. O’Camb’s opinion, the charts indicated that the subject was involved in the murder. A ‘cold call’ of the charts was then requested. Analyst/Det. Mike Fossmo conducted the ‘cold call’ and agreed with Det. O’Camb’s call. After being shown the charts and questioned further, the subject finally admitted that he committed the murder. He then led detectives to the murder weapon.