F.I.S.T. – Field Interrogation Support Tool

F.I.S.T.® or the Field Interrogation Support Tool is a hand-held CVSA®II, configured at the request of the U.S. Military. The F.I.S.T.® is a fully-functioning hand-held computer that can be used for applications where size and portability are critical factors. F.I.S.T.® can be utilized in the field as a stand-alone computer, or interfaced with a full-sized keyboard, monitor and printer in the office. (Restricted for Military Use Only)

Defense Barrier Removal

The Defense Barrier Removal (DBR®) process was developed by our founder as an interview method specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the CVSA® to obtain admissions, confessions and other information of value. For over 25 years, the DBR® interview process has been extremely effective when employed during pre-employment interviews to ascertain the truth of statements provided by potential employees, during criminal investigations, as well as for obtaining admissions and information of intelligence value during cross-cultural interviews.

DBR® is currently in use by more than 7,000 law enforcement and military personnel. In fact, the DBR® interviewing system has proven to be so effective that many hardened criminals and terrorist suspects have made admissions and confessions to law enforcement and military interviewers prior to use of the CVSA. The DBR® interview process is only taught by the NITV Federal Services.

Please contact NITV Federal Services for further details regarding this highly-effective and easy-to-use interview technique.