Chief Instructor
Chief William Frederick Endler (Ret.) 

Chief Endler is a graduate of Indiana University and retired as a Detective from the Elkhart P.D. (IN).  During his 30-year law enforcement career he also served as Chief of Police for two law enforcement agencies before becoming a CVSA Instructor.  Prior to becoming a CVSA Examiner, Bill was a polygraph examiner and conducted hundreds of polygraph exams over a period of 17 years.  Bill is a Master CVSA Examiner and has established himself as one of the world’s premier CVSA examiners based on his expertise, experience and the assistance he has provided to law enforcement, military and government agencies worldwide.  Chief Endler also has the distinction of serving as the US Government’s Subject Matter Expert for the CVSA in Iraq, where he conducted numerous CVSA examinations of High Value Detainees and other individuals of interest.  Bill also conducted CVSA Certified Examiners Courses for the FBI and is certified as a CVSA Expert Witness by the US Federal Courts.

Chief Howard Shook (Ret.)

Howard spent over 30 years in the law enforcement community, serving primarily with the Prince Georges County, MD, Police Department. He has extensive experience in a number of investigative disciplines, and specialized in homicide investigations for many years of his career. Howard has conducted hundreds of CVSA examinations including homicide, internal affairs, and background investigations, among others. Howard has also taught several specialized investigative courses within the law enforcement community during his career. Howard was certified as a CVSA examiner in 2002.

Det./Sgt. Osvaldo Ramos

Detective “Ozzy” Ramos has served with the Miami Beach Police Department for the past ten years, six in the Criminal Investigations Division where he has been instrumental in solving hundreds of high-profile cases. He is currently assigned to the Homicide Division where he was directly responsible for establishing the first Cold Case squad. Over his 15 years in the law enforcement profession, Ozzy has gained in-depth experience in numerous disciplines to include: truth verification, corrections strategies, interviews / interrogations techniques, and homicide investigations including crime scene management. Detective Ramos is bilingual and specializes in Spanish language instruction for our Latin American Training Division.

Det./Sgt. Harry Bennigson

Harry Bennigson is retired from the Vallejo Police Department (California) after 35 years in Law Enforcement. Harry started his law enforcement career with the Tiburon Police Department in 1979 before transferring to the Vallejo PD in 1988. In his career, Harry was a police officer, detective, FTO, Corporal, Sergeant, hostage negotiator, and traffic motor officer. While working investigations with Vallejo PD, Harry became a CVSA examiner in 1995. Harry has conducted well over 1,000 examinations, ranging from fraud to homicide. After retiring from Vallejo PD, Harry worked in retirement with the UC Berkeley PD, officer, and detective for six years. At UCPD, Harry solved a 22-year-old cold case homicide with the use of the CVSA. 

Det. Alfred R. Boza (Ret.)

Al Boza served with the Miami Beach Police Department from 1972 – 2001 and upon his retirement he was immediately re-hired as a Background Investigator, a position he continues to hold. During his full-time tenure he was an Organized Crime Investigator and also served as a Public Information Officer (PIO). As a PIO, he conducted seminars for various Latin American law enforcement agencies. He trained as a polygraphist at the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute (DoDPI) under the tutelage of Ronald Decker, and received further training in the area of pre-employment investigations at the Zonn Institute of Polygraph. Investigator Boza is also a Certified CVSA Examiner and has used the CVSA exclusively since 2003. He has conducted several thousand CVSA and polygraph pre-employment examinations, and is considered an authority in the area of Pre-Employment investigations. Al is bilingual, and is a Spanish language instructor for NITV Federal Service’s Latin American Division.

AIS Instructor
Sgt. Robert M. Wall (Ret.)

Bob served 28 years with the Saanich P.D. (Canada), the last eight-years in the Major Crimes Unit. Bob also served three years with the National Criminal Intelligence Service and has vast experience in the field of Interviewing and Interrogation. Bob’s specialty is teaching our Analytical Interview System course. Bob was certified as a CVSA examiner in 2004.

AIS Instructor
Sgt. Don Wiebe (Ret.)

Prior to joining our staff, Don served 30 years with the Saanich Police Dept., in British Columbia, Canada, with the last 10 years in the Major Crimes Unit. He is an accredited Team Commander for the Province of British Columbia. Don also served as the only Canadian Certified Instructor for the Kinesic Interviewing Technique and has taught that technique throughout the law enforcement community in Canada and the U.S. Don has acted as an expert in the area of determining deception for the Providence of British Columbia Legal Services. Don is currently a practicing CVSA examiner and has conducted more than 1,000 examinations in all areas of investigation. Don was certified as a CVSA examiner in 2002.