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Our culture of continuous technical innovation and process improvement ensures our clients are always provided with state-of-the-art voice stress analysis instrumentation, the best training available worldwide, and unparalleled customer/technical support. Our services and support are provided by a US-based, full-time team of professionals from our headquarters in South Florida. We are the only VSA company in the world with a full-time support staff consisting of technical, sales, training, and operations experts—who are available to support our clients 24/7. We always endeavor to provide our clients, both large and small, with the highest level of personalized attention and care.

NITV Federal Services’ philosophy is based on the belief that human capabilities are enhanced by innovative technology. Our founder, Dr. Charles Humble, is considered by many to be the “Father” of modern voice stress analysis technology.

Continuing this legacy, we’ve developed the Gold Standard in the truth verification industry through extensive research and development. NITV Federal Services is the manufacturer and sole source for the patented Computer Voice Stress Analyzer® III. The CVSA® III is a technological achievement in detecting deception born from a desire to achieve the most accurate results in truth verification for law enforcement, government, and the military.

Our People Embody Our Philosophy

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Since 1988, our full-time staff of professionals have set the standard in the truth verification industry.   Our goal is to support our clients with scientifically proven technology and training methods that have capabilities far beyond any historical truth verification products or applications.

Professionalism and dedication define our company. Our team members have graduated from some of the nation’s leading academic and professional institutions and come to us with distinguished careers in law enforcement, military, security, and intelligence. We consider our work to be more than a job; it is a  “calling” we are all passionate about, individually and as a team. Our passion, loyalty, and commitment to excellence in the work we undertake supporting our clients and their missions has allowed us to form tremendous bonds and long-term relationships with our clients.

Our culture encourages creativity and innovation in collaboration with stakeholders from the private and public sector. Our partnerships include members of the scientific community, as well as experts in the disciplines of law enforcement, military, security, and intelligence. NITV Federal Services has created a synergy with our partners which inspires brilliant minds to continue making technological and educational advancements in the Voice Stress Analysis field. We welcome people who share our vision to join us.

The Computer Voice Stress Analyzer® III: The Leading Edge in Truth Verification

Our Computer Voice Stress Analyzer® III with FACT+® is the truth verification system of choice for approximately 2,800 local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies. The CVSA’s value has been proven in the most rigorous and sensitive applications by U.S. Military Special Operations and Intelligence units and is backed by our guarantee of quality.

Highlights of the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer® III with FACT+®:

  • Final Analysis Confirmation Tool+® (FACT+®)—the world’s only patented VSA scoring system.
  • The FACT+® was tested by major metropolitan law enforcement agencies and found it to be very accurate.
  • The CVSA® III is the only voice stress analyzer with Voice Imaging, Report Auto-Write, and a Patented scoring algorithm.
  • U.S. Patent Numbers 7,321,855 and 7,571,101.

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NITV Federal Services is redefining the field of truth verification for the next generation, and we welcome you to join us on this exciting journey. Our leadership in truth verification training and technology is what turns skepticism into testimonials. Please contact us for more information.