Our mission is to develop the latest in truth verification instruments, training and testing techniques and to equip the criminal justice, military and intelligence communities to identify the guilty and absolve the innocent

Experts in Voice Stress Analysis

NITV Federal Services is the manufacturer and sole source for the patented Computer Voice Stress Analyzer® II with the Final Analysis Confirmation Tool® (FACT®) scoring system, U.S. Patent Numbers 7,321,855 and 7,571,101. The FACT was tested by major metropolitan law enforcement agencies and found to be greater than 98% accurate. The CVSA II is used by over 2,000 local, state, federal and international agencies, as well as by US Military Special Operations and Intelligence units. The CVSA is the only voice stress analyzer with Voice Imaging, Report Auto-Write, and a Patented scoring algorithm.

We combine our Voice Stress Analysis expertise, along with our powerful research and development capabilities, and innovative methods of integrating hardware, software, and know-how to exceed our clients’ goals.

The CVSA has been the Gold Standard of the industry since 1988

For over 25 years, the professionalism and expertise of our staff has set it apart from others in the voice stress industry that have come and gone. Continuing the high standards set by our Founder, widely considered the “Father” of modern day voice stress analysis, our staff has a strong commitment to the quality of their work and to the customers they serve. And it shows – the company was built on word-of-mouth, customer-by-customer. Loyalty in our relationships link the company’s staff and, in turn, link our staff to our customers. Our staff considers our work more than a job; it is a mission and this focus has allowed us to become the undisputed ‘Gold Standard’ for the industry.

Trained at the nation’s leading academic and professional institutions, and experienced in distinguished careers in law enforcement, military intelligence and special operations, the expertise and dedication of our staff members allows the company to select the right individuals for a given mission. Our rich mix of backgrounds and perspectives provides intellectual stimulation, fosters creativity, and creates a synergy that enables the company to consider all aspects of an issue. We also draw on expertise from government and private research organizations when needed to further develop and refine our training programs and our instrumentation. Dedication to scientific rigor, the empirical approach, and established quantitative techniques are the common threads that unite these unique disciplines and individuals. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR STAFF