West Palm Beach, FL November 26, 2018 – NITV Federal Services (NITV FS) has announced the debut of the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer III (CVSA®III).  First introduced in 1988 as a replacement for the old polygraph, the CVSA became an immediate success at every law enforcement agency that purchased it as drugs didn’t affect it, there were no countermeasures to defeat it, and an exam only took one hour to perform.  Currently there are over 2,000 law enforcement agencies utilizing the CVSA including the Atlanta P.D., Illinois State Police, Miami P.D., New Orleans P.D., Kansas City P.D., Nashville P.D., Salt Lake City P.D., California Highway Patrol, California Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, and the U.S. Federal Courts.

The CVSA III was developed to be “the” 21st Century truth verification system for law enforcement, and was designed and engineered over several years with extensive user input.   Microsoft has classified the CVSA III as an “instrument” based on its custom Windows 10 Operating System, which has been approved and licensed by Microsoft, and which meets the rigorous standards of the law enforcement community. The CVSA III Windows 10 OS ensures the security of sensitive law enforcement data due to unique custom designs not available in “off the shelf” consumer-grade versions of Windows 10.  The latest version of the patented Final Analysis Scoring Algorithm (FACT), the FACT Plus, makes use of machine learning to accurately determine Deception/No Deception on each examination.  The multi-language CVSA III is housed in Ruggedized state-of-the-art hardware provided by Dell®. 

Over the past 30 years, the CVSA and the Certified Examiners Course (CEC), taught by NITV Federal Services and the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts, have become the ‘Gold Standard’ for the law enforcement truth verification applications.  NITV FS conducts over 50 CEC’s at selected law enforcement agencies across the US and worldwide each year.

With an 18-year, peer reviewed, published study validating the CVSA’s accuracy rate to be greater than 98%, law enforcement agencies across the world are now acquiring what users calls “One of the most important investigative tools available today.”

For further information on the CVSA III, visit us at CVSA1.com, email us at Carol@cvsa1.com, or call us at 561-798-6280.

NITV FS is the manufacturer and sole source of the CVSA.

The CVSA III is sold only to government agencies.