The CVSA® III Instrument, with FACT® Plus, is the truth verification technology for 21st Century credibility assessment and lie detection applications. The CVSA III has been proven to be the most accurate truth verification system in the world based on multiple technical and scientific studies.




Due to the worldwide Coronavirus crisis, we have been advised Dell Rugged 14 notebooks are not available until further notice.  The CVSA III will continue to be available, housed in the business-grade Dell Latitude 5400.  For further information please contact us.

CVSA® III | Dell Rugged 14

The CVSA III Instrument with the FACT® Plus is housed in ruggedized Dell® hardware, with an all-inclusive 4-year hardware warranty included in the purchase price.  A few of the new features for the CVSA III include: Customized Windows 10 Operating System – the CVSA III is now classified as an instrument – not an off-the-shelf computer with old-fashioned VSA software installed; Redesigned and modern user interfaces for ease of use; No additional training required – all Certified CVSA Examiners can use the new CVSA III; Upgraded FACT Plus; Enhanced and redesigned system and data security; Multiple languages; Pattern zoom-in feature; Automated Date/Time Began and Ended for examinations; Automated question display for saved exams; New Printer Utility; New anonymous chart features; New examination formats; and much more…

CVSA® II | Dell Latitude

The CVSA II with the FACT® Scoring Algorithm, installed onto the Dell Latitude Notebook Computer is the system of choice for the law enforcement community, as well as most other traditional truth verification applications. The Dell Latitude is a rugged system designed for the rigors of day-to-day use. With the optional 4-year all-inclusive Dell warranty, you will get years of dependable use from this system. The Dell Latitude is configured for maximum performance both in the field and in the office.