Polygraph: All APA Polygraph training courses are required to be a minimum of 10 weeks with an additional 6 months to a year of internship after completing the 10 weeks of training. Students must attend training at specific polygraph training facilities. This comparison is based on a 10-week polygraph training course. 

CVSA III® (Computer Voice Stress Analyzer®):  No internship requirements. The 5-day CVSA Certified Examiners Course is held at selected Law Enforcement Agencies around the US annually (54). Recertification is every 2 years with a one (1) year grace period if requested. Re-Certification Cost: $495.00 for 3 days of training. Unlimited Lifetime Software & Technical Support included at no charge. Dell four (4) year onsite hardware warranty is included. 

For information on what is called “One of the most important investigative tools available today” call us toll-free 888-266-7263 or e-mail us at NITVFS@cvsa1.com.

CVSA III® Polygraph
Initial cost of system with Warranty $10,995.00 $6,950.00
(Includes Dell Notebook & Software) (Software Only)
Tuition: CVSA – Two (2) Students Included with Purchase. Polygraph two (2) Students. $0 $25,000.00
Length of training. 5 days 10 weeks
Cost of room & board for 2 students factored at $250.00 per day. $2,500.00 $35,000.00
Approximate salary for 2 students while in training (U.S. average). $2,306.00 $23,060.00
Average number of exams that can conduct per day. 6 2
Average Combined Error Rate (False Positive, False Negative and Inconclusive) Less than 0.5% 30-40% based on NAS data
Can unit analyze audio recordings for truth verification? Yes No
Do drugs, medical condition, or age affect testing? No Yes
Known countermeasures to defeat the system? No Yes
Total estimated cost to purchase one (1) unit with training for 2 students. $15,801.00 $90,010.00
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