WIKIPEDIA ALERT – VSA Article Hijacked

Notice – The Wikipedia article pertaining to Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) and the CVSA has been hijacked by unknown individuals and contains incorrect/incomplete information, biased/one-sided information, does not cite scientific articles favorable to VSA – which are plentiful, and uses debunked/non-peer reviewed reports (which in many cases have been paid for by anti-VSA entities) to draw misleading and erroneous conclusions about VSA technology.  This article should be disregarded since it presents a completely false and intellectually dishonest portrayal regarding the scientific validity of the CVSA.  Please view this link to obtain reliable and authoritative scientific information about VSA and CVSA.

Details – Since 2017, the VSA community has experienced unethical and caustic attacks, in the form of an all-out war on Wikipedia, by a small group of unknown individuals with an agenda to deceive.  In early 2017, Wikipedia presented a VSA article with a clear anti-VSA bias, citations of discredited research, an incomplete global review of the literature, and an inaccurate accounting of the origins, background, and points of the studies cited.  A several months-long, focused, and collaborative effort by truth verification experts, cognitive scientists, researchers and independent science writers resulted in a comprehensive editing of the Wikipedia article, that expounded upon the “Background”, “Principle and Origins”, “Academic Analyses”, and “Notable Examples of Use” sections.  In order to eliminate bias, the authors listed the pros and cons of the VSA technology: in practice, with cases, and multiple examples of studies published globally.  As a result, this newly edited article was published on Wikipedia in April, 2017 – it was more than double the length of the previous article and contained additional, relevant citations of peer-reviewed scientific studies and related research.

However, within 2 weeks, the article was hijacked by unknown individuals using the cloak of anonymity to hide their identities (with one Wikipedia referee noting, “possible vandalism”).  A back and forth “edit war” ensued over the next six months, with over 72 distinct revisions, most of which reverted the article back to the biased, inaccurate depiction of the VSA.

Users and potential users of the CVSA should remain vigilant and prudent when reviewing information from regarding VSA and CVSA.  Wikipedia is not an official, well-regulated and professionally edited encyclopedia, and the information it provides is non-authoritative.  Wikipedia is an open source Internet site that virtually anyone can edit – even those who have an agenda to deceive and mislead.  Wikipedia has been criticized for: (1) Uneven handling and retention of certain subjects, (2) factual reliability of content, (3) the existence of systemic bias, (4) editorial vandalism, and (5) the existence of social stratification (e.g., cliques forming with a specific agenda).